Painting or Hand Painting Outdoor Impact can faithfully reproduce your artwork by computer painting or hand painting. Computer painting typically involves painting your artwork on a vinyl material using inks or paints (see vinyl production). Hand painting, as the name suggests, is done by hand using skilled artists. The artists make a pattern from the artwork that is supplied by the advertiser or advertising agency. Using this pattern as a guide and matching the colors on the supplied artwork, the artists skillfully paint your advertisement.

Hand painting can be done directly on a standard billboard (bulletin) or on a vinyl material that is wrapped around the bulletin and tightened securely with straps to hold it taught. Partial vinyls painted on special self-adhesive materials are also available. Hand painting on large wall displays can be especially dramatic due to each wall's unique dimensions and interaction with the surrounding environment.
  • Materials and Substrates
  • The images can be painted on a special vinyl that is flexible and resistant to the outdoor elements. Hand painting can be done directly on the surfaces of billboards, buildings or other surfaces that are receptive to the enamel based paints. Hand painting on large wall displays can be especially dramatic due to each wall's unique dimensions and interaction with the surrounding environment.

  • On-Premise
  • In addition to painting billboards and wall displays for outdoor advertising (off-premise advertising), we also paint on-premise advertising for businesses. On premise advertising is the advertising that a business may use at its own site or place of business to promote itself. We have painted large wall displays for auto dealerships, furniture stores, music stores, medical services, manufacturers and other on-premise businesses. We welcome the opportunity to provide quotes on painting any on-premise signage for your business or service.

  • Turnaround Times
  • Turnaround times vary by painting method and to some extent complexity of the artwork. Computer generated painting can offer quick turnaround times and image complexity is not an issue, because the artwork is scanned and then reproduced through sophisticated computer technologies. With hand painting, the more complex or detailed the layout the longer it takes to paint, all other things being equal. Weather is a factor when it comes to hand painting outdoors; while it is possible to paint during all four seasons, it is not advisable to paint in rain, snow or in high winds. Inclement weather can and does effect completion times. Our company however, is committed to meeting your deadlines and we will work diligently to complete your painted display. We recommend that you provide us with artwork at least 45 days before your campaign is scheduled to begin.

  • Production Requirements
  • For hand painting, our artists need a clean layout or mechanical of your artwork. It should be proportional to the outdoor display. Remember to indicate the scale on your mechanicals. Generally, mechanicals should be scaled using 1/4"= 1', 1/2" = 1' or 1" = 1'. If high pictorial or detailed imagery will be painted a color photograph should be supplied and color swatches or PMS (Pantone Matching System) numbers should be indicated. Computer painting has additional requirements. We recommend that you consult with one of our representatives prior to preparing your creative for any displays that will be painted. Please call us today at (847) 674-6500.