• Materials and Substrates
  • Outdoor Impact can produce your outdoor or indoor displays on a variety of substrates of varying weights and sizes. Many factors including the size of the display, its placement, the campaign's longevity, its creative design, budget concerns and other criteria will determine the best materials necessary for the job.

  • Turnaround Times
  • Completion time varies by production materials utilized, methods of reproduction and image requirements. Outdoor Impact, Inc. strives to offer quick turnaround times to satisfy the tight deadlines that are so common in advertising. We remain committed to meeting your production schedule and we will work to ensure timely delivery of your product while maintaining high image quality at a fair price.

  • Production Requirements
  • Production requirements vary considerably for the many sizes and formats in this category. We recommend that you consult with us prior to preparing your creative. Please call one of our production specialists today at (847)674-6500.