Outdoor Impact can produce your bus advertising displays in any of the various accepted formats.These formats include bus exteriors such as Super Kings, Bus Kings, or Bus Queens in addition to bus tails, headlight displays or rear bus displays. Outdoor Impact also produces the increasingly popular full or partial bus wrap displays.

In addition to exterior bus displays we can produce interior bus cards, commuter rail cards and subway cards in various standard sizes. Whether you provide us with photographs, transparencies, or digitized files, your artwork will be faithfully reproduced using the most sophisticated technologies available.

  • Materials
  • Our exterior and interior displays are produced on various materials
    to meet your production requirements and graphic expectations. Typically,
    the image is printed on a paper or vinyl material and then reinforced
    by mounting it on either a cardboard or plastic based substrate.
    In the case of full or partial bus wraps, the image is printed on
    a removable film made by the 3M Corporation. The special 3M film
    can cover the entire bus including the rear and side windows. The
    film known as 3M Perforated Window Marking film has small perforations
    in it. Because it is perforated, the film appears virtually transparent
    to those inside the vehicle without comprising the graphics to the
    viewers on the outside.This feature makes it possible to place the
    material on other "windows" such as store fronts, display
    show windows and even the windows of city buildings for a spectacular

  • Turnaround Time
  • Completion time varies by production materials utilized, methods
    of reproduction and image requirements. Our company strives to offer
    quick turnaround times to satisfy the tight deadlines that are so
    common in advertising. Outdoor Impact remains committed to your
    schedule and will work to ensure timely delivery of your product
    while maintaining high image quality at a fair price.

  • Production Requirements
  • Production requirements vary considerably for the many sizes and formats in this category. Transit vehicles from various cities can and do have different production requirements. We recommend that you consult with one of our representatives prior to preparing your creative for any bus, rail or subway vehicle advertising that is under consideration. Please call us today at (847) 674-6500.