Outdoor Impact can produce your backlit mall displays to fit the standard 68.5" tall by 47.5" wide format or the smaller 50" tall by x 40" wide format.  Other dimensions are also available. Lamination can also be used as a protectant. Whether you provide us with photographs, transparencies, or digitized files, your artwork will be faithfully reproduced using the most sophisticated technologies available.
  • Materials
  • These displays can be printed on various materials such as Colormural, Duratrans, Duraflex, Duraclear, Ciba and other commercial substrates.

  • Turnaround Time
  • Outdoor Impact offers fast turnaround times to meet your tight deadlines. We are committed to your schedule and will work to ensure timely delivery of your product while maintaining high image quality and competitive pricing.

  • Helpful Information
  • Typefaces
  • We may not have the fonts in your files, so please include both screen and Postscript fonts for MAC files and Truetype and /or Postscript fonts for PC files. If your software allows, convert text to curves, paths or outlines, but still provide fonts.

  • Color Printout
  • Please provide a color printout to compare your file. This helps eliminates the possibility of missing elements or wrong typefaces. Remember to indicate the scale on your mechanicals using 1/4" equals 1', 1/2" equals 1' or 1" equals 1'.

  • Digital Image File Modes
  • Scanned images must be in RGB color mode and for best results images should be at least at 200 DPI when at 100% final print size. Gradiants work best in photoshop and please do not save photoshop files as duotones, separation files or with channels or layers.

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