In this day and age “fake news” has been making the news. Anyone that doesn’t believe in a story or platform quickly dismisses it as being fake. In response to this, Outdoor Impact, Inc. created and launched its own tongue-in-cheek outdoor advertising campaign. In-house testing revealed this layout to be the strongest of several designs.

In bold, eye-catching five foot tall black letters radiating against a lime green background, this billboard screams Not Fake! And the word NOT is bolded, underlined and even italicized in its heavy Helvetica Black Extended font. It is clearly meant to stand out and be completely over the top. The headline Not Fake! is further strengthened with the copy “Real Advertising” followed by the company’s phone number.

The campaign was a resounding success for Outdoor Impact, Inc. It garnered numerous inquiries and even achieved social media attention on Snapchat and Twitter. That’s about as real as it gets.

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