Telephone Kiosks - Production Details

Material Specifications
It is recommended that all printing for the telephone kiosks be done on a 4 mil pressure sensitive Bus Art vinyl. A 3 mil laminate should also be applied over the pressure sensitive vinyl. UV resistant inks are suggested. Printing is done on one side only and a single continuous sheet is preferred.

It is important that at least a 15% over-run of posters be produced during the production run.

Helpful hint: The addition of small, inconspicuous “tick” marks at the top center of the poster will facilitate the installation of the vinyl, but will be unnoticeable to the viewer.

Digital Specifications
Almost any of the popular graphic programs like Photoshop, Quark, Illustrator or Freehand can be used. Resolution needs to be 300 DPI at its final size and all fonts and support files must be included.

Files may be saved on CDs, DVDs, Zip Disks, Jaz Disks or other popular storage media. Native files are best although files can also be saved as TIFF or EPS files. Pantone Matching System (PMS) colors are preferred; however, TruMatch or CMYK percentages may also be utilized. Please specify which color system is being used.

A "to-scale" layout showing position of each element and indicating colors clearly should be included with the digital files.

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